marketing content creator

Your differences are what make your customers want to work with you. I help you shine your light on those differences with engaging content that influences your audience and gets results.


Thought leadership (white papers, articles, blogs)
Marketing (web copy, brochures, ad copy)

But don't take my word for it...

Monica Mayk
Susan is extremely talented at turning technical information and interviews with subject matter experts into cohesive white papers and marketing collateral. She has expertly incorporated market research results into white papers to help validate a company's expertise and positioning. I am always amazed by her ability to really hear what the client is saying and turn it into a targeted, clear and effective piece of marketing communications.
Jen Sterling
Susan has the unique ability to express emotion, fact and humor all in one sentence. I love being able to give her a rough topic and she can run with it with little to no oversight and produce an excellent result. She is definitely a Red Thinker.
Rick Morgan
I owe the rapid growth and success of my company to the creative work Susan has done for me—makes sure my website and social media posts are engaging. I highly recommend working with her.

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