Mailing Lists Direct goes live

Mailing Lists Direct
The Mailing Lists Direct website answers any question you could have about buying a mailing list.

I'm so excited to see my most recent website project go live: Mailing Lists Direct. Congrats to the whole team! The website redesign was a long process, but I think worthwhile—the new site is easy to navigate and full of useful information for anyone needing to buy a mailing list. By the end of the project, I kind of wished I had a reason to buy a mailing list. I really wanted to go through the process and work with the list brokers.

Working on this website was a wonderful experience. Why? Because it gave me the opportunity to be creative about a subject that is, well, not very exciting. Mailing lists. What is there to say? (Quite a bit, actually, but you'll need to look at the site to see what I mean). SEO also played a huge roll in this project. So, I not only had to make buying a mailing list sound like fun, I had to do it by incorporating key phrases like "buy mailing list" into the copy.

I think this website is a good example for anyone about to embark on a website redesign. Mailing Lists Direct has a ton of information they need to provide to an audience that is most likely just going to skim through the copy. I think that's a situation many businesses find themselves in. This site provides all that information in a way that is easy to navigate. It's the perfect combination—it gives the people coming to the site exactly what they need in order to make the next step in the buying process. Does your site do that?

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