If you want to know how to build a successful coaching business, the first step is to stop spending so much time creating content that won’t convert into clients (and therefore income).

What you learn in coaching school is only half of it

What??? We’re told in coaching school to be active on social media, do lots of videos, create webinars, write blogs… so much writing. Now I’m telling you to stop?

Not at all. I’m telling you that if you want to know how to build a successful coaching business you have to look at what the big companies that spend millions of dollars on marketing are doing. They are focused on content (that’s the number one marketing tactic), but they’re doing it differently than most coaches.

Let me tell you a story that may sound familiar. I know a health coach who had built not one, but two beautiful websites filled with great information. She was posting blogs and videos and being active on social media… doing all the things she was taught to do.

But after two years, she still had not attracted a single client.

Sadly, this story is all too frequent. I participate in several communities of life, health and spiritual coaches and one of the biggest topics of conversation is that they spend a ton of time creating content and don’t see much reward. They want to build a successful coaching business and attract clients, but the marketing they’re taught doesn’t seem to work.

The really frustrating thing is, what they create is GOOD. It comes from the heart and is authentic. So why isn’t it attracting clients?

What the business coaches AREN’T teaching you

I have worked in corporate content marketing for about 15 years. I’ve seen the strategies the big brands use… brands that spend millions of dollars on reaching their customers through the very same content coaches are using.

You can bet when a company spends that much on marketing that they are tracking what works.

Most coaches, unless they come from a marketing background, don’t know what the big brands know. It’s not their fault. Coaching school and marketing coaches teach them to find a niche and then jump on social media, do videos, write blogs—all the things that go into content.

But they don’t learn the strategy or the must-do activities that make content marketing so powerful. I don’t know if it’s because the business and marketing coaches don’t know it, because it doesn’t occur to them to share it, or (most likely) because they do it so naturally the forget new coaches don’t know these strategies.

What they aren’t telling you is that marketing for coaches is not about heart-centered writing. It’s about knowing the stages of your ideal client’s buying journey and exactly what type of messages and what type of content is best suited to each stage.

For example, if a person doesn’t even know they have the problem you solve, it is premature to tell them how you solve it. And if they are looking for the solution, they need more detail about how you help, not high-level education about what the problem is.

There is a definite method to creating client attracting content.

It’s easy to skip over this.

{honest share alert} When I started my life coaching business, I ignored that method. I had been doing it so long in the corporate world that I forgot it applies to any industry. Like my life coach peers, I just jumped into creating the content I wanted to create without looking at the bigger picture. I was doing live video, engaging in communities, creating webinars. I wasn’t doing much blogging, even though I am a writer!

The result? I spent a lot of money attracting the wrong audience because I was not talking to my ideal clients in the right way at the various stages of their journey. Oops. Fortunately, I finally realized what was happening and changed it.

I do NOT want you to make that mistake. I want your content to work for you so that you can share your gifts with the people who NEED them… and people do need them.

Find out exactly how well your content is working for you

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