email sales funnel

The email sales funnel. As a health or life coach, you are hearing about this a lot. But should you be using one? 

To be honest, I hate the term email sales funnel. But I LOVE email marketing. And the short answer to whether email marketing is good for coaches is YES. 

I love a nice, super short answer to a question.

However, I know a simple YES is not compelling enough to convince some coaches that focusing on email marketing is worth the time. In fact, every time I tell a coach I’m a fan of email marketing and a robust email sales funnel, I get some variation of “I hate it. I NEVER open emails.” 

Fair enough. But it’s still a great marketing tactic.

Since I’m a data girl, let me show you the proof. I found several 2018 studies about email marketing that convince me this is the number 1 strategy to incorporate into your marketing. I think it’s especially good for coaches because email lends itself to story telling (but that’s another subject for another day).

Facts about email marketing

Are you convinced yet? 

Before I really study email marketing, I was not convinced it would work. I think many coaches shy away from email because they see low open rates and unsubscribes. Now I know that is not because email is dead. That’s a targeting and offer issue, and that is easy to fix. 

I love social media, but in terms of reach, it doesn’t really compare (unless you have tens of thousands of followers). Consider this. On average, 20 percent of your list will read your email. That seems low, unless you consider that Facebook only shows your posts to about 10 percent of your followers, and that is no guarantee that they see the message in their feed. You have better odds with the email.

Email Subject Lines Examples

So how do you get your list to open your emails? Assuming you are getting qualified leads (i.e. your ideal client) on your list, then it comes down to the subject line. Think about how you decide whether to open an email. It’s the subject line. And then you convert your reader to a client with a great call to action.

  • They can be direct: Here is the ebook you requested
  • They can arouse curiosity: Well I screwed that one up
  • They can ask a question: Do you want to 3x your revenue in 2019?

The trick to knowing what works for your list is to look at your numbers. Your email service provide has all the information you need to tell which subject lines your audience likes. Give them more of that.

Let me get you started. I have compiled a list of 51 subject lines that my list, or another expert’s list, opened. You can use them as is or as inspiration to write your own.

Whatever you do, focus on email marketing. It is one of the most valuable tools in your marketing toolbox.

Grab Your Money Making Email Subject Lines Here