How do I market my coaching business?

Copywriting for coaches: it seems to never end! Social media, blogs, emails, videos, webinars… health and life coaches must do a ton of of writing to market their coaching business and attract clients. 

How do you make sure all the time you’re spending is really going to lead to more clients? 

By using the exact methods professional copywriters (like me) use. 

Sure, you can hire me to do it for you, but most health and life coaches I meet want to keep the writing on their own plate. I get it. That isn’t something I wanted to outsource as a life coach.

This lament appeared in a group I belong to the other day: “Today is a day of doubt and discouragement. Managing the content to my email list, Groups and Page to the point of getting clients is impossible. There is no more room in my brain to learn great subject titles, great content, great webinar, great website, great groups or great funnels. I feel so not great!”

Do you ever feel this way? Do you just want to coach, not do all this other marketing stuff? 

Copywriting for Coaches

copywriting for coaches

They good news is copywriting for coaches is just like copywriting for any business. That is, if you know what to do, why, and when you will connect with your audience and see more results (such as clients).

That means you can get the results the pros get while doing it yourself. In this workshop, I teach you three shifts that will make your writing feel more authentic, easier to do, and faster.

As a professional copywriter and content strategist for more than 15 years, I work with national brands who spend millions of dollars on content marketing and I study trends to stay current on what is working.  When I’m copywriting for coaches, I do exactly what I share in this workshop. You’ll find it makes a huge difference in authentically connecting with your audience!

Watch now and learn the three shifts that will make your copywriting so much more enjoyable… and profitable!

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