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SEO copywriting. Bleck. Those two words together make my stomach turn. I’ve been a I writer for 30 years, and have done my fare share of stuffing keywords into articles. Trust me, I know how awful it is.

However, I have changed my relationship with SEO copywriting because it is so incredibly valuable for coaches. That, and Google has gotten smarter. As a result, keyword stuffing is no longer necessary (you still need to use keywords, but the focus now is on writing for actual humans and the algorithm can figure out what to do from there).

So why do I love SEO for coaches? Let me tell you…

Why SEO copywriting for coaches rocks

  1. As a health or life coach, the transformation you offer can be hard to describe. The result is, many coaches produce copious amount of content that their ideal clients are not looking for. Unless you have a huge following already, if people aren’t actively looking for your topic, they aren’t going to stumble across it.

    When I started my life coaching practice, my business coach told me not to worry about SEO. Since I was going to be focused on Facebook advertising, the SEO didn’t matter. Foolishly, I listened. I did not optimize my site or do any keyword research. Ooof. No wonder I had very little organic traffic! Once I rectified that issue, people suddenly started finding me. Go figure.

  2. SEO research tells you what your ideal clients are thinking about. It’s telling you their pain points—and those are not always what you think they are. With that SEO research in hand, you can write article and create videos that address what on their mind. This helps find your content and demonstrates that you understand them. A win-win.

    You may find they’re really not searching for the transformation you offer. That happened to me. I help women who are unfulfilled change their life. But they don’t search for that. They do search for “how to be happy” and “feeling overwhelmed.” So I figured out how to connect the dots, which is part of the fun in the writing for me.

  3. SEO copywriting helps you get clear about your message. When you see what people are searching for and figuring out how to connect the dots with what you offer, you will find you gain clarity about that. The clearer the message, the better the result. I discovered my message wasn’t clear enough about how getting clear on my ideal client’s value and vision would make them happier. Based on the SEO, I realized I was approaching the topic from the wrong angle. So I changed angles and guess what? Yep, better results. 

A few final thoughts on SEO and your coaching practice

Now, chances are, you were actually looking for a how-to article. Since I don’t want to disappoint you, so I’m going to send you over to a great resource from an SEO pro (which I am not—I’m a writing pro who knows enough about SEO to know how important it is). Check out this article How to Dominate Google in 2019.

A final thought on SEO—if people are searching for something on Google, they’re searching for it everywhere. So your SEO topics will also resonate on social media. Just something to think about.

If you’d like some help knowing what to do once you have your SEO research done, schedule a content audit. In this call, I’ll look over some of your content pieces and discuss what you’re rocking and what needs some tweaking. Click here to schedule it!

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