Enough with needing fresh marketing ideas. It’s time to go old school. As I was doing my second quarter content plan, which includes measuring results, I realized I need to change things up. I need to get creative. After all, figuring out how to promote yourself to stand out from everyone who is doing the same things takes some creative thinking.

how to promote yourself with fresh marketing ideas

Yet, I don’t want to go crazy with creativity because reinventing the wheel takes energy, time, and money. Lazy? Maybe. But I have one super creative project I’m working on now and that’s enough.

Also, I don’t want to do video. I’m not up for creating a YouTube channel. Taking selfies all the time bores me. I don’t have the energy to build a Facebook group. All of those marketing tactics work, but they don’t give me joy. I’m a writer. I want to write. But I needed some creative marketing campaign ideas that wouldn’t drain me, so I put on my thinking cap. What could be a creative (meaning out of the box, something I don’t normally do) way to market?

Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas

I decided to go old school. Call it retro, call it boring, call it insane. Just do it. Try the old school methods and see if they work for your audience. They’re working for mine. Here are my top old school fresh marketing ideas that landed me ideal clients quickly.

creative marketing campaign ideas include just asking.

1> Just ask.
Otherwise known a guerrilla marketing. Basic. Simple. Straightforward. No complicated funnel. I found email addresses for my ideal clients (most of which are right there on their website) and sent them a simple message asking them if they’re looking for what I provide.

Within 24 hours of sending out 50 emails, I had one interview with a DREAM client and two other people asked for more information. Yes, that was worth it.

2> Start a networking group for your ideal clients.
I am a content marketer and I love it. When done well and strategically, it helps you nurture relationships and thrive. But real-time interaction is also important—for your business and your soul. That’s why I go to networking events, even though my introverted self would usually rather stay home.

3 Creative Ways to Market Your Business

And you know what? If you start your own and create a group that supports your ideal clients, then you have a room full of people you’d love to work with in front of you every week. One of my clients did that—she started a personal development book club for women (using MeetUp). She loved it, and she attracted her ideal clients. When she launched her paid membership program, almost all if the regulars signed up immediately. ALL OF THEM. As her bookclub continues to grow in popularity, she has a regular stream of ideal clients coming to her.

This is why I jumped on the opportunity to start a new virtual chapter of Keep It Local (The Chillprenuer’s Virtual Hangout). This group is great, and as I form a new chapter I can build it to attract people I want to work with or partner with. Sweet.

(If you are an introvert and this idea is making you a little sick, check out this blog on how to make networking as an introvert bearable.)

3> Cultivate referrals.
Back on the theme of just asking, ask your clients and your peers if they know someone who would be a good fit. Super easy. Yet, I forget to do it, and so do my clients. Crazy since my entire freelance writing career has been based on referrals! If I can get referrals without asking, imagine what would happen if I did? I bet the same is true for you.

You can make it formal, such as offering a monetary bonus or access to your offerings. I do that for my Copy Clinic—for every member referred, the person who made the referral gets one free month. But for my copywriting business, I have never had a formal bonus system. I have a network of colleagues that refer to each other regularly. We all want to take care of our clients and one way to do that is to refer people who we know will treat them well. The payment is that I take really good care of the people referred to me, and my colleagues do the same.

Sit down and think about how you can generate more referrals. It is one of the easiest and fastest things you can do to grow your business.

How to come up with your own creative marketing campaign ideas

3 creative marketing campaign ideas

Will these three old school tactics work for you? Yes and no. Before you do it, you need to know exactly what you’re selling. Sending a cold email and then listing ten things that person could buy will just annoy the person who gets the email. You need to be specific. Therefore, part of knowing how to creatively market your business is about knowing…

  • Your highest revenue producing items
  • Your favorite activities that help you find clients
  • How you can use your favorite activities to market


Using myself as an example, while I love, love, love my copy clinic and coaching small business owners, that is NOT my highest revenue producing item. In fact, I make more money selling the copywriting for one email funnel than putting on my Killer Content Formula Bootcamp—with significantly less marketing effort.

So, I need to focus on finding more copywriting clients and trust that the copy clinic will continue to grow slowly (which it is).

networking is good for business.

What do I like doing? I like to write. I like email. I like researching. 

The solution: research companies I’d love to work with and send a simple email asking if they need a copywriter. 

I invested one hour of time and about $20 in hiring someone to do locate the emails I needed. As of right now, I’ve gained $2,500 in new business (and possibly more from this client). Yes, I will take that.

Give the exercise a try. What worked for me may not work for you. I promise you’ll find something that does work though.

Let’s do some creative brainstorming

Need some help figuring out what will work for your business? I can help you with that. I offer a complimentary content review, and one of the things I usually end up doing during that call is some brainstorming about creative marketing ideas. So, take advantage of me!

Seriously, schedule your content review and let’s see what we can do for you.