Earlier this year I put together a free download of 52 Hot Subject Lines to help coaches and holistic healers market themselves online. Why? Because the #1 way to market yourself online is to with email marketing. To make that work, you have to have great subject lines.

I ran some facebook ads (also a great way to market yourself online), and got this comment:

“As a coach I always question myself (seen the amount of ads like this) what happened with authenticity… its all automatic, even likes and comments on Instagram now are automatic… sad.”

Yes, online marketing can be inauthentic. But automation doesn’t necessarily mean the message is fake. And online marketing doesn’t need to be sleazy.

how to market yourself onlineWhat was interesting to me about this comment is the notion that any automation, any planning, any use of marketing tools is inauthentic. I completely and totally disagree with that.

  • Plagiarizing is inauthentic and, frankly, wrong. Using swipe files that inspire you and get the creative juices flowing is great. I’ve been using them for 30 years. They are an important part of my writer’s toolbox.
  • Promoting ideas you don’t really agree with is inauthentic; taking a stand (even if it’s unpopular) is the goal.
  • Using language that doesn’t feel comfortable or something you would never say is inauthentic. Using words and language that evoke particular emotions and drive behaviors is smart marketing.
  • Writing ahead of time and scheduling a post or an email is a time saver. You’re still writing it, even if it comes out automatically. That is smart marketing.
  • Being strategic about what you post, where, and when is smart marketing. Authenticity is not the same thing as spontaneity.

So, yeah, I just said email marketing with the #1 way to market yourself online. I should rephrase that: it’s the number one digital marketing tactic to use.

However, marketing yourself online is all about being 100% authentic.

How to market yourself online

Authenticity matters. In fact, it is the most important thing you can do for your business—especially online where people are deciding whether they trust you without ever speaking to you.

I believe we can not help the people we are meant to help without being completely true to who we are. That means finding your own voice.

Finding your own voice will not only help you attract your ideal clients, it will also make creating all of your content easier (and creating content is the cornerstone of any tactic you use, whether it’s email, Facebook, Instgram, YouTube, or anything else).

Authenticity and strategy are not mutually exclusive. You need both in order to connect with your ideal clients and market yourself online.

Now, chances are you landed on this blog to learn something about the tactics to use. I’ve got you covered. Jump over to my Resources page for all of my free downloads for online marketing.