Leader. Ugh. Can I tell you how many years I resisted using that particular word to describe myself?

(Hint: I’m 54 now, so it’s probably been at least 50 years. 🤣)

I never wanted to lead because leaders are visible, and that makes them vulnerable.

They are on the front lines. They share their opinions and thoughts. People make decisions based on what they suggest.

I learned from a young age that none of those things are safe. People yell at you when you share your opinion and thoughts. They are cruel and dangerous if they follow you advice and don’t like the outcome.

It is so much safer to be quiet. To live behind the scenes and avoid all of that attention.

But over the last few years, I’ve learned something else about being a leader.

Leaders have impact. They make the change in the world they want to see.

my thought

I realized if I really, truly want to help women create more impact and income from their own stories , I had to share mine. I had to become visible to help others become visible. 

Scary stuff.

One of my mentors, Nettie Owens, made it easier for me. In fact, she helped me step into the role with joy. She did it by helping me discover my metaphor. That is, who I am to my clients.


drawing of anchor  girl.

I drew this picture a few weeks ago while at Nettie’s Momentum Live retreat. It depicts how I show up to lead. (Yes, that weird little squid tail is supposed to be an anchor 😂. Perhaps my lack of drawing talent is why my father encouraged me to become a writer).

I’m a superhero, and my super power is providing a safe space and calm, anchoring energy to help women entrepreneurs thrive. 

What is your metaphor? I’d love to know how you show up and serve your clients. Drop a comment.