About Me

Susan RoseIf you are going to invest in developing content, you want to see a return on your investment. To do that, it needs to educate and inform the people who influence the buying process in your target market AND convince them they need to be doing things differently.

My name is Susan Rose. I'm a marketing content creator and my specialty is creating engaging content. I believe in using data, facts, and trends to tell a story — a story that leads your prospects to the logical conclusion that they should take action. This content also positions your company and your subject matter experts as trusted advisers with the answers to their problems.

I have been creating content for a long, long time. Highlights of my writing career include:

  • Marketing writer for a boutique design agency. In that role, I got to work on diverse writing projects from brochures for start up businesses to presentations for global corporations...and everything in between.
  • Proposal director for a $2.5 billion company. I helped map out the strategies and write winning proposals for the leading travel industry concessionaire. I wrote and edited the proposals, managed a team of creatives, set the project schedules, and made sure all the moving pieces came together.
  • Magazine editor for the largest publishing company in the world. I started my career in the trenches, editing technical articles for a large engineering magazine. The editorial skills I learned on that job have been the foundation of my entire career.

As a freelance marketing content writer, I work with a range of companies. Most of them are in the +$2 million range and have a marketing director on staff who understand the need to create content that educates and influences the audience. I love providing that work.

In addition to having a Journalism undergraduate degree from Kansas University and a post-grad in environmental policy from Tufts University, I maintain my Inbound Marketing certification from HubSpot.