Thinking and talking about marketing your business can feel sleazy, right? Mostly because it means talking about yourself and telling your story.

I get it. I’ve been in business for almost 20 years. The first 15, you could not have paid me to do a workshop or get on stage. My reasons:

  1. I’m an introvert and it  takes too much energy  to put myself out there like that  (False).
  2. I prefer living behind  the scenes. I love make others look good (True, but irrelevant).
  3. I have nothing to share that would interest anyone. Other people do it better (FALSE).
  4. Being in the spotlight feels unsafe. (True, but surmountable)

The reality is, if you want to serve the people who NEED you, you have to be visible to them. That means telling your story and sharing your expertise.

The good news is, you are not alone. I’ve walked down that road (okay, I was slinking  down it for years). I know how scary it is. I also know how  amazing it is to push through the resistance. I  personally discovered that I LOVE doing workshops. What? I had no idea.

The best way to take this  next step in upleving your business is to work with a mentor that can  guide you. Someone who understands where you are right now, and can gently, yet firmly, guide you.

My name is Susan Rose. I’m a visibility coach. My background is in thought leadership development (also known as trusted advisor, authority marketing, industry expert) and content strategy. I believe that creating great thought leadership content that increases your visibility is the way to nuture relationships with your clients and prospects. The result is loyalty, trust, and income. I believe in telling stories that lead your prospects to the logical conclusion that they MUST work with you.

I have been writing for almost 30 years! As a freelance marketing content writer, I have worked with a range of companies creating thought leadership content. I am also a certified health coach (from IIN), a certified life coach, and seasoned marketing director for my husband’s large massage clinic.

Highlights include:

  • Writing expert articles for Forbes and USA Today.
  • Writing long-form posts that people love to  read.
  • Developing webinar scripts and Facebook ads to get registrations.
  • Creating signature talks peole want to hear.

Together, we will increase your visiblity for great impact and income.

I have also created The Kicka$$ Content Planner, a quarterly planner that will help you get laser focused on what to create, when, and where to put it.

It is all so much fun! Click here to learn how I can help you.


Visibility Coach

Fun facts (about the copywriting and mentoring)

 content mentor testimonial

  • My email marketing (funnels and keep in touch) has high engagement. I get above industry average open rates and below industry standard unsubscribes because my list likes what I send them.
  • My Facebook ads always get high relevancy scores (8 and higher) and high click-throughs (average 3%, when the average is 1%)
  • My landing pages get high conversions (30% to 50%…one even got 80%!)
  • My social media posts get great engagement!

Here are some real results from my clients:

  • The National Association of Home Builders’ sales team increased sales by 200% with a kicka$$ sponsorship kit.
  • Rejuvenations Massage Therapy increased new client bookings 20% with landing pages focused on specific avatars and their pain points.
  • Sacred Grove increased email open rates from 11% to 30%, and click through rates from 6% to 17% (on average) with an email marketing strategy and thought-provoking subject lines.
  • Iron Mountain increased sales leads by 300% and sold more than $1 million as a direct result of a research-based thought leadership white paper. (The copy wasn’t snappy or cool, but it was effective!)

Want to know more? Schedule a half hour virtual coffee date and let’s talk about your business and your needs. I’m happy to answer ANY questions you have.

Fun facts about me, Susan Rose

  • I’m an introvert!
  • I love SCUBA and do it as much as I can.
  • My other thrill -seeking hobby is mushromm foraging.
  • I have two dogs who very much enjoy hanging out in my lap while I’m working (or reading, sleeping, talking on the phone…).
  • Woodward and Bernstein were my childhood idols, and the reason I studied journalism.
  • I DO NOT design wedding gowns (that’s another Susan Rose). This Susan Rose can barely sew a hem.


Kansas University, Lawrence, KS
BS: Journalism, concentration in Magazine editing

Tufts University, Medford, MA
MA: Urban and Environmental Policy

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

Member: Digital Marketing Lab


MarCom Creative Awards, Brochure, Platinum Medal 

MarCom Creative Awards, Writing/Other, Gold Medal

Communicator Awards Print Media Competition, writing/brochure, honorable mention 

Association Trends All Media Awards, Trade Show/Exhibit Sales Package, Gold Medal 


The Kicka$$ Content Planner: a quarterly planner to help you authentically market your business.

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