Increase Your Impact & Income by Creating Emotional Connections

A single post can change someone's life, create a bond that endures, and result in more sales for you.

How can you make every post have that kind of impact?

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By taking the $97 Creating Emotional Connections mini-course

Studies find there is a strong correlation between emotional reactions and engagement—and this is what helps that fantastic client find you❣️❣️❣️

Creating emotional connection is about more than using emojis and great images. It goes deeper than that for you and for your audience.

In Creating Emotional Connections you will learn how to infuse emotion, connect with customers, and close more sales.

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Learn how to identify what type of emotional connections are best for your business.


Learn how to choose the right language for the emotions you wish to evoke and connect with customers.


Learn how to plan your social media so that you are covering everything (without spending more time or doing more work).


Learn how to turn that social media engagement into conversations that lead to sales.

What’s included in the course?

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Videos explaining each concept.

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Examples to inspire you.

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Templates to help you get started.

Plus Bonuses!


You get a digital copy of the Kickass Content Planner ($35 value). With planner, you can easily create your social media and content plan for the next three months.


Access to the members only Visibility Incubator Facebook Group.

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"My fear of oversharing, not getting it right, not resonating with others was keeping me from elevating my business in the way I desire. Susan provided a clear path to creating the content I NEED to move forward by showing up and confidently sharing my gifts with the world."—Dana Moore

“What you are teaching is SO ridiculously important. I had no idea it would make such a huge difference. This is the foundation of our businesses. Thank you for teaching this Susan.”—Jodi Scholes