Align your business, claim your expertise, and spread your message.

You have a vision and a heart-centered mission. The question is, how do you use that spark to ignite your business?  

Starting a business is hands-down one of the most exciting adventures in life. This is especially true when that business is centered around something you know can improve your clients’ lives.  

The problem is, articulating that vision so that the people who need and WANT to work with you find you and buy from you is not as simple as it sounds.  

Creating marketing content can feel kind of sleazy. For many small business owners, the kind of language that attracts people and gets your ideal clients to buy doesn’t feel natural. And that can make creating content to market your business stressful.

Know this: You are not alone. And there is a way to make it fun!  

Learning how to articulate your message is one of the easiest ways to grow your business. The clarity of knowing how to talk to your ideal clients—from the exact words to use to how to craft content that converts—makes content marketing a breeze. The key is that you stop winging it. Taking the time to align your business goals with your message, strategically plan your content, and then implement that plan will make all the difference in how you feel about marketing your business.  

You are in the right place at the right time.  

ignite live

What is Ignite LIVE? 

In short: 3 days to lean how tp claim your expertise and market confidently while taking care of yourself.  

Ignite Live is a focused three-day business and content planning and implementation retreat at the beach. It is a chance to focus on yourself, recharging your body, mind, soul, and business. You will reconnect with your big why and master the art of articulating that vision to your ideal clients.  

A key piece of this retreat is the implementation time. You’ll not only generate amazing ideas, you’ll have the chance to brainstorm with your peers and implement key parts of your strategy. Whether you sit on the beach to work, or relax in the retreat center, you will leave with valuable content ready to release into the world (and you’ll know where and when to release it). 

Beyond the ideal client. 

In three-days you will reconnect with the “Big why” that sparked this business of your, and ignite your belief in its vision. Then you’ll roll up your sleeves and learn how to articulate that vision to your tribe—from the words you use to how you structure your content. You’ll create an actionable, reasonable road map for what to do and when to do it. And, of course, there will be time to do it while in the company of the pros who can answer questions and help move you forward.  

This kind of deep thinking simply can not happen in a vacuum. It also can’t happen virtually, where resisting the urge to mute the line and “multi-task” is often impossible. It takes being among like-minded peers who cheer you on and can help you see how to articulate your vision in new and different ways.  

The beach also helps. Few things have the power to revive the soul like the ocean. That’s why I selected the DuPont Memorial House Retreat Center at Rehoboth, DE for our time together. Not only will we have our own private chef catering every meal, we are only two blocks from the beach and two blocks for downtown Rehoboth. It’s the perfect location to relax and recharge. And if you don’t want to leave the comfort of Memorial House, no worries. There is a fireplace inside and a fire pit outside. The deck looks over a charming pond. It is a magical place.  

Imagine three FULL days focused on You and your dreams. I told you it’s magical.  

Not only will you have a crystal clear vision of how to attract the business you dream of, you will be relaxed and ready to make it happen.  

Community, clarity, passion, purpose. You’ll get it all and more! 

Rehoboth Beach


  • Connecting with the people you most LOVE working with—and it’s easy! 
  • Spending less time on your marketing because what you do works so well. 
  • Feeling good about your marketing because you know that every message serves your clients. 
  • Feeling empowered to decide what to do or not do because you understand how the tactic fits into your business. 
  • Three days of someone else doing all the cooking and cleaning!!!!  

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels just talking to an empty room, then it is time to refresh and refocus. 

I know where you are right now. I've been there.  

  • You have no idea what to say and what kind of content to create… it’s just overwhelming.
  • You feel like you spend all of your time marketing and you don’t get as many clients as you like. You feel guilty because you just don’t want to do Instagram, even though you know you “should” (spoiler—you probably don’t need to do it).
  • You have been in business for a few years, but you are working way more hours in the week than you want to. You don’t want to build a multi-million dollar business. What you want is to make a nice living serving people you love without working all the time.
  • You are working with or have recently worked with a marketing or business coach and want to maximize your results.  
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Three Transformational Days

Monday: we arrive! 

  • Arrive any time after 3:00 and head right down to the beach for a soul-recharging walk. Or wander around town.
  • Welcome reception at 5:00 with wine, mocktails, and light snacks.
  • Dinner at 6:30  

Tuesday: FUNdamentals for business and message  

Spend the morning with special guest Candy Hozza, Business Intuitive and Spiritual Strategist. She will take us on a journey to discover how to manifest the businesses we desire.  

  • Business Question Hot-seat Circle, where she will channel answers to your specific questions regarding your businesses.  
  • Willy Wonka Manifestation Exercise
  • Akashic Healing Circle: She will do a live channeled message for the group and answer questions about what is holding you back in areas of love, abundance, career, and spiritual growth. During this Akashic Healing Circle we will release blocks and you will experience a taste of what it is like to heal in the Akashic Records (the database of your soul).  
Candy Hozza
Susan Rose

>>> Break for lunch and time to relax. <<<

In the afternoon, we’re going to claim your expertise. Many women feel like imposters, that they need one more credential before they can really market their business. I believe you have all the expertise you need.

  • Learn how the things you already know are exactly what your clients need.
  • Articulate how your skills help your clients.
  • Uncover the parts of your story that make your expertise shine. 

Wednesday: Stoke the fire

We’ll start the morning diving into the Killer Content Formula — the techniques for writing copy that resonates with your ideal clients and how to plan content using the Kicka$$ Content Planner (which each participant will get). 

  • Learn how to write great marketing content without feeling or being sleazy.
  • Dive into the art and science of writing—finding the perfect words to choose, the structure and the length. Focus on headlines and the Call to Action.
  • Discover the tricks professional copywriters use to write with speed and ease…sounds nice!  
  • Discover what types of content make the most sense for you to spend time creating based on your business, your goal, and your audience.
  • Brainstorm creative ideas based on what is happening in your life and business.
  • Create a plan!  

>>> Break for lunch and time to relax. <<<

Implementation time! At this point you know what you need to do. Now we’re going to sit down and DO IT. You will have full access to me to ask questions, get help, and get real time reviews of what you are creating. The goal is for you to end the day with at least one, if not more, pieces of content to ignite your business.  

Thursday: You are on FIRE! There is no workshop on Thursday. You have the tools and training you need. You can work in the way that best fits YOU. I will be available throughout the day to provide more implementation guidance.  

>>> Lunch: we will officially wrap up Ignite LIVE. <<<  

Thursday night/Friday: Staying Thursday night is optional. We will have a group dinner. Friday morning we will be on our own for breakfast, and must check out by 10:00.  

Join us May 11-14 for three transformational days. Connect with your business and your audience, and ignite your life.

You'll walk away with: >> More confidence in how you market your business. >> Clarity about what makes the most sense for YOU and your business. >> Lower overall stress levels and the skills for spending less time marketing and more time working with clients. >> The very skills and techniques professional copywriter use. >> Connection and community with other heart-centered business women. >> Possibly a little bit of a suntan.  

Experience Rehoboth Beach 

  • Enjoy peaceful views of nature as you reflect and plan. 
  • Nourish yourself with delicious food specially prepared by our very own chef (who can accommodate any dietary requirements). 
  • Enjoy plenty of free time to walk on the beach or shop in town, or simply digest everything you’re learning. 
  • Convene around the fire pit or enjoy alone time in your room. 
  • Stay an extra night to have a day of more rest and relaxation before heading home.  

What is Included? Here is what the package includes: 

  • A Kicka$$ Content planner to capture your plan and all your ideas and thoughts. 
  • A supplemental workbook with writing assignments. 
  • Coffee, tea, and snacks through the day.
  • A beautiful and comfortable environment for learning and implementing.
  • Access to me and Candy, businesses positioned to help you on your journey.
  • Rooms and food onsite—you never have to leave if you don’t want to! Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day are included, plus unlimited coffee and ice cream, and a full-size guest refrigerator so you can bring any specials foods you like to have.
  • The Memorial House has 11 rooms with private baths and comfortable beds. All rooms sleep two to four people (although I’m limiting it to two people per room for Ignite LIVE. Double up with a friend and receive a two-for-one price on the retreat!
  • Free onsite parking.
  • Two block walk to the beach.

What's Not included? 

  • Travel: you will need to make your own travel arrangements. It’s about three hours from Northern Virginia, two and half hours from BWI Airport, and two hours from Philadelphia Airport.  

Hear What Clients Saying About Kickass Content Programs 

“What you are teaching is SO ridiculously important. I had no idea it would make such a huge difference. This is the foundation of our businesses. Thank you for teaching this Susan.” Jodi Scholes Business & Marketing Coach  

"The Kickass Content Planning VIP day is fantastic. Susan helped me focus on what type of content to create specifically for my ideal clients AND my business goals. I left our session with clarity about what to do and when, confidence that the time I spend on it will be worthwhile, and excitement about doing it!” ~ Diana Forbes, Diana Forbes Coaching

How much does it cost? Glad you asked! All prices INCLUDE the room and meals:  

Single Room  

  • Ignite Live plus room/meals for one = $1847 (or three payments of $666)
  • Stay Thursday night = $1922 (or three payments of $690)  

Double up 

  • 2 tickets to Ignite Live plus room/meals for two = $2197 (or three payments of $733)
  • Stay Thursday night = $2,347 ($758)  

Early Bird through April 15,2020 Single Room 

  • Ignite Live plus room/meals for one = $1,372 (or three payments of $475) 
  • Stay Thursday night = $1,447 (or three payments of $500)  

Double up 

  • 2 tickets to Ignite Live plus room/meals for two = $1,747 (or three payments of $616) 
  • Stay Thursday night = $1,897 (or three payments of $641)  

Is Ignite Live Right for Me?

This retreat is for you if...

  • You have EVER resisted creating content or marketing in any way because it just feels unnatural and sleazy to you.
  • You believe 100% in your business and your mission, but you just aren’t seeing the income you desire. 
  • You feel like you SHOULD be doing specific things, and that is completely overwhelming to you. 
  • You have read the books, taken the classes, worked with a mentor or coach in the past… and are ready for the how-to. 
  • You need accountability and support to ignite that spark you have.
  • You are READY!  

What you will NOT find: 

  • Any marketing dogma that says you must do something you really, really don’t want to do. 
  • Judgement or comparison. Your business, goals, and life are uniquely yours. Every person will develop a plan that works for them. 
  • Any advice in a vacuum—you will learn why everything we discuss matters and how to do it.  

What you WILL find:  

  • A mentor and cheerleader who is with you 100% of the way. 
  • A supportive community of women with great ideas that will help stoke the fire in your heart. 
  • A relaxing environment where all you have to do is show up with a curious mind.  
  • Still not sure? Let’s talk. Schedule a call to discuss Ignite LIVE now!  
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