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What you are teaching is SO ridiculously important. I had no idea it would make such a huge difference. This is the foundation of our businesses. Thank you for teaching this Susan.

Jodi Scholes

Business & Marketing Coach, The Business of Bodywork

You started your business because you have a unique talent that transforms people’s lives. That is awesome because your clients NEED you and your gifts.

But chances are, you had no idea creating a thriving business would involve SO. MUCH. WRITING.

Authentic, soul-centered marketing for coaches, holistic practitioners, and wellness businesses requires a whole lot of website copy, blogging, guest blogging, articles, email funnels, webinar scripts, lead magnets, landing pages, Facebook ads, YouTube scripts, social media posts… it never seems to end.

If you struggle with what to say, how to say it, where to say it, and finding the time to actually DO it, you have landed in the right place. Just click here to download my free tip sheet!

My name is Susan Rose and I am copywriter, content strategist, and mentor.

I am an award-winning copywriter, content marketing expert, certified health and life coach, and co-owner of a thriving massage clinic. I love marketing for coaches, holistic practitioners, and wellness business, whether as a content coach, a copywriting mentor, or the person doing it all for you. I 100% believe in the power and importance of the work we do, and I love creating content that is going to change someone’s life. I want to help you find more time for what you love—helping your clients.

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Susan has the unique ability to express emotion, fact and humor all in one sentence. I love being able to give her a rough topic and she can run with it with little to no oversight and produce an excellent result. She is definitely a Red Thinker. Jen Sterling

Chief Redhead, Red Thinking

I was working hard on a new website. I thought I’d done a decent job on the writing, but I hired Susan to edit it just because i wanted to make sure it was the best it could be. Imagine my surprise when I got her text back and it almost brought tears to my eyes! All the same information, but worded so powerfully that I told her I would have immediately hired myself! Seriously, you need to experience it to believe it.

Susan is the best writer I know. Talented beyond belief. You will be blown away when you work with her. I hope to be working with her for a very, very long time.

Astri Wee

Yoga Instructor, Astri Wee Yoga

I owe the rapid growth and success of my company to the creative work Susan does for us. She makes sure our website and social media posts are engaging and our clients look forward to our emails. She has helped define our ideal clients and market specifically to those people. The result is that we consistently attract new clients who are perfect for our practice. She also helps recruit talented therapists. Her creative ideas keep us moving forward. I highly recommend working with her.

Rick Morgan

Owner and Massage Therapist, Rejuvenations Massage Therapy