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Are you stuck with some part of your content marketing? Not sure what to write and where to post it? Feel overwhelmed with everything there is to do? Check out these free resources.

Free Workbook

Get your ducks in a row with the secrets of a pro

5 ways to attract ideal clients with everything you write

Free Cheat Sheet

Give your clients what they need with your content.

What to create, how long it should be, and where to publish it

content creation cheat sheet

Free Swipe File

Get more bang from your email marketing

Turn your email list into a money machine

Free Journal Prompts

Attract ideal clients with your personal stories

25 journal prompts to create engaging stories

journal prompts

Free E-Book

Funnels demystified

The 5 stages of the marketing sales funnel

marketing funnel stages

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Create content that converts

Write like a pro, even if you hate writing

free workshop

Tools I Use

Tech and tools are an important part of a content marketer’s strategy and success. I have a suite of tools I use every single day and honestly couldn’t run my business without them. I hope these reviews help you make choices about what tools will help you.

Note: for the products I love, if they offer an affiliate program I’m involved. So, in full disclosure, if you buy through my link, I’ll make a little commission.

ActiveCampaign, my email service provider