A client once said to me “content is a beast that must constantly be fed.” She is right. In the digital age, creating consistent content is critical if you want to be visible. That means writing, writing, and more writing.

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone! I can help. Whether you simply want a plan of action to implement yourself or you want to hand off pieces, we can figure out what works best for you.

done for you content

The Copy Clinic

How? That’s a question my clients ask. They’ve got the marketing plan. They know what they need to do. They just aren’t sure HOW to do it. That’s where the copy clinic comes in. We meet once a week, and you bring ANY question you have to the group. We’ve critiqued landing pages, set up SEO, anaylzed email marketing results. Whatever you need help with, you got it. At $147/month, this is a great solution for people who want to do the work, but need support.

Is it right for you? Let’s talk about that. Set up your free consultation at susanrose.net/chat.

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Learn to DIY with Ease

The Killer Content Formula Bootcamp is a six week, content rich program designed to teach you all the tricks professional copywriters use to write content that turns into paying clients! The next program will launch in the summer, 2019. Hop over to this page to get a little bit of training on how to write marketing copy that doesn’t feel sleazy and sign up for the launch list to get the launch details in your inbox. Go to the training…

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Kicka$$ Content Planning VIP day

You spend a ton of time writing, correct? What if that time you’re already spending translated in double, triple, quadruple the clients? It can… but not if you “just do content.” Content planning makes all the difference. What you’ll get in your Kicka$$ Content Planning VIP  day:

  1. A private strategy session to discuss your business goals.
  2. A quarterly content plan designed to help you reach those goals with ease.
  3. Concrete action steps for writing content that converts.

The outcome: confidence that the time and energy you are spending will get you the results you desire.

All this for only $997! Click here to buy.

done for you content

Done for You Content

Handoff as much of your content off to me as you wish. Funnels, keep-in-touch systems, blogs, social media… whatever you need to create consistently, I can do for you. You’ll just have to give me about an hour each month to discuss priorities and review the work. Easy. We’ll discuss the scope and cost when we talk! Book your virtual coffee with this link.

$500 to $2,500 (depending on your needs)

Susan is awesome! She is my business coach and it works so great for me. She has built a business and now she is sharing that wisdom with me. Her insight on what works is based on her experiences – not just what everyone else tells you might work.

Our time working together has been super helpful! 💜🤩

Jennifer Ressman