I sell thought leadership content. It may come in the form of website content, blog posts, or an in-depth white paper, but the intent is the same: to help illustrate your differences to your prospects.

Why invest in thought leadership content? Because it is not enough to know what is happening in your industry. You have to share that knowledge. Buyers want to get to know and trust you before they buy. Thought leadership content positions you as the expert in your field; the resulting content is the place where you can discuss industry trends and help steer your prospect toward the products and services they need (oh, and coincidently, that you provide). A white paper or series of articles gives you something useful you can send to a prospect.

Turn on the Lights: Become a Thought Leader
This starter package will give you some great content to work with, and help establish your expertise. It includes:

  • Brainstorming for your brilliant topic ideas
  • Research to back up your key points
  • Develop thought leadership content (one 6ish-page white paper or six 500ish word articles/blogs)
  • Write three Tweets/LinkedIn updates for each

Investment: $3,500

Keep the Lights On: Stay Ahead of Your Competition
Sometimes everything you have to offer just won’t fit into one white paper or series of articles. This package will give you great content throughout the year. Perhaps you want to focus on seasonal trends, or perhaps you just want to release something new each quarter. This package includes everything in the “Turn on the Lights” package x 4.

Investment: $12,000 (That’s right—you save $2,000 when you buy four instead of one.)

Shine the Light on You: Share Timely Expertise Quickly
Not sure exactly what you need, but you know you need weekly content? You can pick the package that is right for you. We will work together to brainstorm topics, monthly content goals, and develop content you can use in your inbound marketing efforts. For most clients, this content goes on their blog. Depending on the package, this ranges from 1 to 4 blogs/week (depending on how in-depth the posts are and how much research is needed), plus social media posts. Occasionally we may post fewer blogs so we can develop a longer article for publication elsewhere.

Investment: $500 to $1,500/month

Bright Start: Business Starter Website
Are you just starting your business? The first thing you need is a business card, but I don't do those. But I can help you with the second thing you need, which is a great website that explains what you do and who you do it for. I call this a business starter website because it is what you need to launch your business; it's a "phase 1" product. I know from working with small businesses for years that things change in your first year, so I don't think investing in the ultimate website right away will give you a good return. Do that once you have really honed in on what you are doing.

But you do need a website, and it has to get done quickly. I will lead you on a journey of imperfect action so that you can have this valuable marketing tool fast. The package includes web copy for the basic pages (home, about, services, FAQs and contact), customizing a WordPress theme (I will give you three to choose from), and helping you set it up. Finally, I will show you how to make updates so you can post to a blog or make other changes as necessary. Our goal is to have the whole project DONE in four weeks. Sound good? Let's get you started!

Investment: $3,000