As I write this, I’m listening the dulcet tones of power tools and smelling cigarette smoke mixed with industrial adhesive.

And I am very happy about it.

For a few years, I’ve needed to replace two windows in my house, both of which had mold inside the glass. Every time I looked at them, I’d get annoyed. Until today.

Finally, we decided to stop waiting for the perfect moment and just take care of this annoyance. Why we waited so many years, I don’t know. I’m sure my mindset expert friends have some thoughts on that. 😂

Anyway, we got out of our way and acted.

Today I am grateful for the pain of being unable to concentrate or breathe. In about an hour, I will be looking at my beautiful view without seeing mold speckles.

Sometimes the pain is worthwhile.

I think the same holds true with certain things we need to do for our businesses.

I believe the pain of learning the tech tools is worth it because they make your systems and marketing flow more smoothly. That’s worth it.

{note: they just finished! woo hoo}

My clients tell me:

  • I don’t want to look at numbers and spreadsheets.
  • I don’t want to learn how to use email.
  • I don’t want to know how to post a blog.
  • I don’t want to learn SEO.

To all that I say, then your business will suffer.

Yes, you can pay people to take care of all those things. And when your business has a solid foundation, definitely outsource the things you don’t want to do.

But until then, the pain of learning is valuable. Because when you learn these tools you gain knowledge about your business that opens up a whole new perspective on what you’re doing.

That is liberating.

Today, embrace a little pain and learn to use a tool that will help you thrive.

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