The content planning template to help you kick a$$ in business

Marketing. Writing, writing, writing. Content. (And what is content, exactly?)

I don’t know very many small business owners (especially coaches, holistic practitioners, or spiritual entrepreneurs) who followed their hearts into business because they wanted to spend all their time marketing and creating content.

Yet, marketing is a reality. If you want to help people, they have to know you exist and what you offer. And a HUGE part of that is content marketing.

The Kicka$$ Content Planner is a content marketing template to help you make sense of what to do, when to do it, and where to publish your content—whether it’s a blog, a video, an email, social media or something else.

It will help you figure out how to market your business online in a way that feels authentic and good to you.

A content planning template designed for ease

> Simple worksheets help you decide the best content for your business desires (whether that is income or clients served).

> A monthly overview helps you organize all of the special events, holidays, launches, or beach trips you have coming up.

> A weekly planner helps you organize your topics and map them to the actions you want your people to take.

> A wrap up at the end of month three helps you assess what is working, what is not, and what to do next.

> Blank pages for brainstorming provide plenty of creative space to explore exciting content ideas.

> BONUS: 52 blog topic ideas to kickstart your brainstorming.

Choose your favorite cover, or choose all four—one for every quarter of the year.

What a great tool! The Kicka$$ Content Planner will enable you to plan effective content to reach your prospects. A friend of mine has said that the most effective marketing joins the conversation in a prospect’s mind and either provides answers to their dilemmas or guides them along the path. With this tool, you will be better equipped to create content that does just this, without feeling like you’ve been through too many rounds in the arena!

Kelly Lutman

Functional Health Coach, Pursue Wellness

What is content, exactly?

The short answer is it’s everything you produce for your business. For online marketing, it refers to your website, blogs, social media posts, videos, audios, and email. Really, anything you produce that helps your clients learn something new or take a specific action (like booking a call).

There is no marketing without content, although marketing may also include things like networking, having face-to-face meetings, partnering for events.

Content marketing is a must-do if you plan to market your business online in any way, shape, or form.

The Kicka$$ Content Planner will help you organize your thoughts and priorities so that creating content does not take over your life, and so that what you do create connects with your ideal clients and truly helps them (and you). I have never found a content planning template that is so thorough, so I created one for you!

I think the planner is excellent, to the point. I think it is exactly what we need and love how clear and concise it is.

Jodie Lin

Health Coach, JKLWell Health Coaching

How to buy the Kicka$$ Content Planner

The planner is available from Amazon for $14.95. Click the image of your favorite cover below to buy!

If you are a business coach and want to use the planner with your clients, great! Order 10 or more, and get the planner for $9.99 (plus shipping). They make a great gift for new clients.

Click right here to send me an email and we’ll set it up for you.

Susan is an expert in Content Marketing, and this Planner provides a method to be as effective and efficient as possible with your marketing, using the lessons she has learned along the way. I always value Susan’s knowledge and her willingness to share that, so that others can be successful.

Judy Kane

PSYCH-K Facilitator, Aligned Consciousness